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4 Characteristics Of A Good Hen House Design

Hens can be grown at your house easily, but maintaining them includes so many factors to consider as they are vulnerable to diseases more often. There are some things which will help to keep them healthy and looking good.

Even the house design needs to be taken care which is at utmost importance in maintaining them. Several factors need to be considered in your hen house design in order to keep them safe and healthy. There is a predefined design in building a hen house even though there are several designs you can choose from.

Two schools of thought have succeeded in giving different views of their own. In those, the first school explains that, the chicken coop should have more ventilation but that makes hens feel sick due to extreme weather conditions. On the flip side, another school explains that hens do not like poor ventilation. So which one should you follow?

Nonetheless, each school has its own predefined design and their explanation as follows. For backyard chicken coop, this was mostly observed in rural areas and it consists of small chicken den which is mobile and large fencing surrounded. Hens can roam freely in this type of design.

This type of coop allows hens to hunt insects on the ground which which will feed them and keep them healthy. It also provides good ventilation to the hens and it can be constructed easily.

Nesting boxes on the other hand is very a very simple design and you can find it in any hardware store. This design consists of a hinged roof and making it very easy to collect eggs on a daily basis and also for cleaning purposes.

When you want to clean it, you simply open the roof and take the boxes out and then hose them down with water. It helps you to maintain a hygienic condition for the hens.

The factors you have to consider when building a hen house are as follow:
1) Build material – Always go for good quality materials when constructing the hen house. Use a strong mesh for windows to avoid rodents and predators from breaking it. Use concrete flooring when possible because it is easier to clean.

2) Ventilation – By having good air circulation, it helps in maintaining better health for your poultry as hens cannot tolerate wet and damp conditions. Ensure that hen den is airy enough to have free ventilation for them.

3) Lighting – Try to have more lighting for your hen house. Electric lights is the best option because it will make the hen feel comfortable at night and during winter times.

4) Hygiene – This is the most important factor in preparing a house for your hens. An ideal hen house should be very easy to clean and maintain. A clean and healthy environment for your hens will help them to lay more eggs.

DIY Hen House Building Guide

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