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Chicken Nesting Box Dimensions – Easy DIY Chicken Coop

There are many ways how you can make your . One way of doing so is by keeping chickens in a homemade chicken coop in your home backyard.

Chickens are really easy to raise. They are cheap, low maintenance, easy to look after and as a benefit, they produce the best tasting fresh .

Nesting Box For Hens

When you are keep chicken at home, one thing that you want to look into is the chicken nesting box dimensions. Off the shelves chicken nesting boxes comes is many shape and sizes. They can be made of either wood, plastic or metal. One key feature you want to consider is “ease of cleaning”.

To keen the hens healthy, you have to clean their nesting boxes at least once a week.

In actual fact, the size of the chicken nesting box is not really important. Chickens are not really a very demanding pets. As long as they have the few basic necessity, chickens will be happy foraging for insects on the ground.

One Size That Fits All

If you are buying or making a chicken nesting box, make sure it is slightly bigger than the average bird size. There is no need to have it any bigger. A nice and cozy fit is more suitable for the hens. Hens will lay the eggs and get broody and sit on them in whatever is available.

If you are on a limited budget, you can actually convert an old fruit crate into a nesting box. If possible, find a box or crate made of plastic material. This comes back to the ease of cleaning again.

When you are preparing a chicken nesting box in your DIY chicken coop, don’t get too hung up on the exact dimensions. It really isn’t necessary and it will not make any difference to the egg laying pattern of your poultry.

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